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“Confit” is a way of preparing dishes (especially meat), where the meat is cooked slowly over a long period of time in its own fat and juices. The meat doesn’t dry out and retains its delicious taste. In the past confiting was used as a method of food preservation.

Our cuisine finds forgotten treasures in a rich culinary past. We believe in honesty, slow-food attitude and first-class ingredients. When all this is put into the hands of our team of chefs led by Pavel Rohoška, a pork shoulder can become a culinary jewel, which our clients just love. And we like it that way. That’s why we’re called KONFIT. Because we’re proud of the culinary heritage and we gladly pass it on.

Brno has always been a crossroads of influences, an important industrial centre not only within Moravia, but back in the 19th century also within the whole Habsburg Monarchy. Thanks to the presence of wealthy industrialists and other notabilities of that time, there has always been good food. The Czech cuisine blended with the Moravian, Austrian and German cuisines; Hungarian and Jewish gastronomies mingled in it as well. This culinary variety is a great inspiration and a commitment at the same time. Even today’s Brno attracts lovers of good food. We can offer selected flavours of cuisine inspired by the Austro-Hungarian influences. What are they?

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KONFIT Restaurant

The KONFIT team

We are a professional team of culinary enthusiasts. Everyone in the team, from the management to the dish-washing staff, aims to do the best for you – our guests. We are human – seeking, sometimes making mistakes. But mainly people, who might give you (beside the great food and drink) a reason to come back.

KONFIT Restaurant

Pavel Rohoška

Head Chef

„A love for food and cooking is a must!”

After his culinary education Pavel gathered his practical experience all over the world. “Already in the fifth grade I knew I was going to cook. Simply I’ve always enjoyed it.” In Germany he specialized in Czech cuisine and became a head chef of a Grandhotel Pupp restaurant in Karlovy Vary. As a member of the Czech culinary team he represented the Czech cuisine in luxury restaurants in Seoul, South Korea and at the Czech embassy.

After leading the Austro-Hungarian cuisine at the Hansen restaurant, he started in 2011 as a head chef at the Ristorante Rialto. And he stayed even after it became KONFIT. He has tremendously contributed to the current concept of the traditional Bohemian cuisine.


What does KONFIT mean to Pavel?

„Fresh ingredients and top-quality cuisine.”

KONFIT Restaurant

Boris Chaloupka


„I love the European rustic concept!“

He started in hospitality in the renowned Brno restaurant U Kastelána, where he worked as a waiter and gradually perfected his sommelier skills. He gained further experience at the Špilberk Castle Wine Tavern and in the Hansen restaurant.

Since 2006 he is associated with our restaurant on Veveří as a Head Sommelier. “What I love about wine is that it is 100% natural.”

Boris’ professional journey was determined by his passion for food and dining and by his open, extroverted nature. I originally thought of a pastry chef or a chef. But the whole family said that with my conversation skills I should try working in service instead. I tried it and loved it,” Boris smiled.


What does KONFIT mean to Boris?

Essence, emphasis, philosophy, originality, determination…and many other things.

KONFIT Restaurant

Martin Rusňák


„I enjoy food tasting, going to good restaurants, eat well and drink well.“

Martin’s love of food also originated in childhood. Everything was always connected to food and the kitchen table. Both grannies and mum are great cooks and kitchen is the heart of their house. We would always meet at a table full of great food and drink.”

Martin even got to wine thanks to his family. His father and grandfather were wine makers.

“When I was 15, I decided to start cooking.” The basics he learned from his mother and grandmother he had deepened during his university studies and most importantly at the college dormitory. “Yes, occasionally there were spaghetti with ketchup, but a colleague’s father was a gamekeeper so we had freezer stuffed with venison. In college I often played with game,” laughs Martin. During his university studies he also got to work in gastronomy for the first time.

And then one day he got an offer to manage KONFIT. He hesitated for a while, but eventually accepted the challenge.


What does KONFIT mean to Martin?

The most important element is taste.