In today’s rushed and perhaps even unhealthily dehumanized era, it’s worth it to slow down from time to time and look back to the past which stood on different merits and attitudes. In the Konfit restaurant, you’ll find only love and respect to good food and drinks and also to our guests. We cherish the traditional Old Bohemian procedures and we care mostly about quality, freshness and honesty. Since we should not forget our traditions, we should rather foster them.


Our menu is based upon the traditional Old Bohemian cuisine in both, the original and the modern approach. Besides that, you can also encounter the best of the European cuisine. Apart from the high quality ingredients of our dishes, we pride ourselves on the selection of best wines not only from Moravia.

Our team

We stand on solid foundations of experience, knowledge and attitude of our staff. Because only the right people can make a great restaurant.

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