Pavel Rohoška


After finishing education, he started gaining experience all over the world. He specialized in the Czech cuisine in Germany, became the chef of a French restaurant in the Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary, and as a member of the Czech Culinary team he presented the Czech cuisine in many luxurious restaurants in South Korean Soul and at Czech Embassy. In 2011, after working as a chef of the Austro-Hungarian Hansen restaurant, he became the chef of Ristorante Rialto, where he participated on recent Old Bohemian cuisine concept.

Boris Chaloupka


His first steps in the culinary industry were connected with the famous restaurant U Kastelana where he worked as a waiter and mastered his sommelier skills. He gained experience also in the Spilberk Castle Winery and the Hansen restaurant. He is part of the Ristorante Rialto team since 2006 and he is recently in the position of the master sommelier.

Robert Smejkal

Restaurant manager

Gastronomy has been his passion since his youth and after gaining sufficient knowledge he plunged himself right into the maelstrom of culinary and café life. For a long time, he was working in Prague in the Slavia café and in the Parnas restaurant. After years of success in Prague, he moved to Brno, where he worked in the Holiday Inn hotel and stood at the birth of the idea of Na Stojaka taprooms and the Forhaus restaurant. He perceives restaurant as a place of pleasure and serving of enjoyments.